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Trekking in Nepal

Well known as one of the best countries and areas to do trekking, Nepal offers the real beauty of trekking and hiking through wonderful nature. For the beginning hiker there are treks through the lowlands of Nepal, visiting villages and experiencing the diverse flora and fauna that Nepal has to offer. Travel past the rivers, go to areas filled with rhododendron and see deep forests with a ever inspiring sight of seasonal flowers.

For the more experienced hiker or the people who just want something different there is the route into the Himalayas. An amazing area of the largest peaks in the world, go from green grass to white snow in just a few days. Wake up in the Himalaya and watch the sun come up over the peaks of Annapurna and Everest.Traveling through the Himalayas is like walking in your own dreams.

Annapurna Trekking and walking

Nepal is the ultimate destination for hiking enthusiast - offering a myriad of possibilities from the short and easy to the harder hiking trip itineraries. Hiking is the highlight of a visit to Nepal. The range of geographical features, variety of vegetation and rich Himalayan culture award hikers with unique hiking experience.

Annapurna trekkng and walking is primarily for recreation to explore places that they consider beautiful and fascinating, many of which can be accessed in any other route. A hiker may travel deeper into remote areas, away from people and their effects, than a day-hiker can. However, backpacking presents more advantages besides distance of travel. Many, weekend trips cover routes that could be hiked in a single day, but people choose to backpack them anyway, for the experience of staying overnight.

Everest Trekking and Hiking

The Everest region is the most popular trekking area in Nepal and also famous all over the world. This area offers an amazing insight into Sherpa mountain life. You have fantastic views of the beautiful Khumbu Glacier and panoramic views of some of the most famous in the world.You can see traditional Sherpa farms, their society and culture, and their way of life in an extreme environment.

Trekking and hiking  to he everest region are for adventurous people and there are many route choices other than the most obvious trek to Everest Base Camp. Quite easy the pace of the trekkers has to be slow in the Everest region because of the altitude. September to December is the busiest time in this region and so, in order to get a room it is best to trek with a guide.This way you will guaranteed a room and will not end up sleeping in the dining room due to the high volume of Trekkers at this time. The Sagarmatha (Everest) national park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world and guarantees to be an experience of a lifetime.

Best of Nepal in 2017/18

The geographical variation of Nepal is mainly forms hill and mountains.Hills -valleys-hills the surface makes the trekking ascend and descend frequently. To go from one place to another in hills and mountain area, crossing a pass is necessary. It is sometimes taken as an opportunity during the trek for adventure lovers. High passes satisfy the ambitious trekker intent on crossing high passes without the commitment to any technical climbing.

It offers an enduring experience of natural beauty, geological magnificence and profound cross-cultural discovery. High Lander people like Shepa, Thakali, Gurungs, Tamangs residents provides chance to taste the cultural defense of Nepal. Trekking during in the Annapurna region, Lantang region and Everest region, we need to cross many passes. Chola pass in Everest, Thorong la pass in Annapurna, Ganjala pass in Lantang are the world famous high passes trekking in Nepal.

Best of Nepal in 2016 being popular as it is advertize plus our quick recovery of earthquake,so there are so many best place in nepal such as pokhara, annapurna trekking , everest panorama easy trekking ,chitwan safari ,birth place of buddha so on...



Best and cheap trekking

Nepal has quite some places for all kind of trekkers to do some activities such as trekking, rafting hiking, paragliding, city tour, home stay and many more….

There are many tourist who will like to travel with small amount of budget and want to meet tee al life of people where ever they go and they always try to find best and cheap travel fare so Nepal has so many activities where you ca visit wit your small budget.


Off the beaten area

Trekkers can walk along the rough but beautiful trails or virgin tracks in the lap of green and friendly looking hills. The rhododendron-filled, green, dark and deep forests with different seasonal flowers blossoming can catch anyone's eye as can the scattered residential cottages, domestic and forest animals, variety of birds, both Hindus and Buddhist temples, mountains, breath-taking landscape, and above all warm greeting from smiling local people.

Some areas consist of unexplored rivers, waterfalls, streams, mountain top lakes and flower filled valley bottoms. We are blessed to be a part of such a place, the 'land of Shangri-La', the 'Central Himalayas'. The wildlife, the rugged, unexplored mountains, the 'peace' of being in this remote, pristine environment cannot but inspire in each of our guests a sense of oneness with something this great. To stand in the sunshine under the blue skies, on the top of a mountain no one has ever stood on since the beginning of time is truly a wonder.