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Paragliding in Nepal

Trip Facts

1 days,
Trip Destination:
Pokhara ( 200 km to the west from kathmandu)
Program Type:
Fly in the friendly sky and walking,
Mode of Travel:
Start Trip:
Sarankot hill top,
End Trip:
Khahare Pokhara,
Best Season:
Sep to Dec and March to June,
Tourist standard bus and Jeep,
Trip Grade:
Trip Cost:
USD 90.00 PP
The cost of each trip differs as per the size of group, choice of hotel and correction in our itinerary.
Paragliding in Nepal


Paragliding in Nepal is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. Paragliding is a simple form of aviation requiring no mechanics, only the power of thermal uplifts. By paragliding, you can fill mankind's oldest dream: free flight and what better place to experience this exhilarating sensation than in Nepal. You soar wing tip to wing tip with the Eagles, a glistening lake below you and the formidable Himalayan peaks behind you as you glide through the crisp clean air.

A glider is a light nonmotorized foot-launched inflatable wing. You launch yourself into the sky from a gentle slope facing into the wind. There are no sudden drops or plunges or the sensation of falling, so a fear of heights is not normally a problem. Everybody who takes the plunge is surprised at how quiet and peaceful this experience is. So if you like the idea of drifting comfortably amongst the clouds, then why not join in this magical experience.

Paragliding is run in conjunction with a professional company registered with the civil aviation authority and the Nepal air sports association. The guides and pilots are all fully trained and experienced in Himalayan knowledge and local weather conditions. They operate with the utmost safety so you can rest at ease and enjoy your experience.

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the most adventure activities in Pokhara, Nepal. Paragliding can be done from September through to June, though at times trips may be canceled due to unfavorable winds or conditions. If you are interested to leave the land and fly on the sky with the spectacular mountain views in Pokhara we are ready to manage such type of paragliding course and flying package on your request.

Tandem flight.
This means you will be flying with a trained pilot. As a passenger, you require no previous aviation experience. You wear a comfortable harness which attaches you to the pilot and the glider. This type of flight allows you complete freedom to sit back and take pictures and enjoy the sensation of flight. If you wish you can take over the controls under the guidance of your pilot and steer the glider through the sky. This is the most popular form of paragliding.

10 Day Training course
You begin the course by learning to launch and ground handle the glider. During tandem flights, you will learn how to steer and handle the glider whilst in the air. Once you grasp the concept you can take small solo flights under radio guidance to gain your confidence. Then you can go fully solo on a high flight where you can experience the true freedom of the skies.

Para trek
This is a two to three-day program combining trekking and paragliding for experienced pilots. You soar amongst the clouds towards remote villages. From your landing point, you will trek back to town taking in the culture of the ancient villages and the beauty of the landscape.

Paragliding takes place in Pokhara. Your launching place is at Sarangkot, a hill station 25 minutes jeep drive above Lakeside. Sarangkot is 1600m above sea level. You launch by using the thermals and rise up above Sarangkot to see the stunning panorama of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu.

Paragliding in Nepal cost is not so much as you think and also there are no commissions it means you pay the real cost which is 110 USD each and you fly it is a really cool fly over the lake in Pokhara especially.


Paragliding in Nepal takes only 2 hours about the time to go to the spot and back to your hotel. we can customize your itinerary and on your request, we can organize Paragliding trip.

Whats Included?

Service Includes

It is only about 2 hours tour which begins with your Pokhara hotel. jeep will pick up you from your hotel and drop you to the top of Sarankot for paragliding flight than after landed they will also drop you at your hotel. The flying duration will be about 45 minutes but if you want to fly more than that you fly but the price will be slightly high than general.

  • Hotel to Sarankot pick up,
  • Khahare to your hotel drop,
  • 45-minute flight with a professional pilot,
  • Lunch

Service Excludes

  • Drinks, food all kind of drinks,
  • Dinner

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Giusy Bertolotto Aug 1, 2012

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

The trip to Nepal was a great experience.  I organized the tour (10 days) with Santosh Gauli . Very good flexibility on his part to change the program to suit our needs (both of time and things to see). Santosh welcomed us at the airport and we have always followed the best. I was really happy for his organization of all the pro ... Read More

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